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Tree Power

Planting trees can save money and energy in heating and cooling. Shade trees on the south and west sides of your home make hot summers cooler and let in warming sunlight when the leaves are gone in winter. Trees are also a natural air filter, removing dust and greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, while adding oxygen. Other benefits of trees include improving the appearance of your home, helping to absorb noise, providing privacy and protection and serving as a windbreak.

From April 1 through September 1 Sun Prairie Utilities offers a tree power rebate of up to $50 (bill credit) toward the purchase of a new shade tree. See the tree power rebate form for program information and requirements.


Smart Thermostat Rebate 

Smart Thermostats are becoming more popular as an energy saving device. These thermostats are wi-fi enabled devices that allow users to monitor and control their HVAC equipment remotely via the world wide web. Many "smart" thermostats will learn living patterns and will automatically adjust temperature accordingly.

From now through November 1, 2017, or until funds are exhausted, Sun Prairie Utilities residential electric customers can purchase a new, currently qualified Smart Thermostat and earn a $25 rebate bill credit from SPU. To receive this incentive please fill out and submit to SPU the Smart Thermostat Rebate form and include proof of purchase and qualifying model number. Smart thermostats qualifying for this rebate may also be eligible for  an additional $75 rebate from Focus on Energy. Apply for the Focus on Energy incentive and view their smart thermostat program requirements at


Appliance Rebate

For a limited time Sun Prairie Utilities electric customers can earn a rebate when they purchase a new, currently-qualified ENERGY STAR refrigerator ($75), dehumidifier ($25), or clothes washer ($75). Limit one credit per type of appliance; up to three credits per account ($175 max).

Offer available for qualifying appliances purchased between June 1 and November 1 of the current year, or until funds are exhausted. Rebate Applications must be received by November 15 to be considered. Not to be used in conjunction with Focus on Energy appliance rebates. If Focus on Energy provides rebates for the same appliance, SPU reserves the right to end rebates on said appliance. Rewards are not retroactive to appliances purchased prior to June 1. Rebates are in the form of a bill credit on SPU customer electric bill.  



Sun Prairie is a rapidly growing community. We are no longer a small agricultural town, but the second largest city in Dane County. While a growing community is generally a healthy community, there is also a greater strain on services and resources.

Sun Prairie Utilities offers a voluntary donation program where customers can donate a few cents each month to help two specific help organizations. We call this program “RoundUp”. We have identified the Sun Prairie Food Pantry, the American Cancer Society, Shelter From The Storm, and the Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition (SPARC) Hunger Hero for Sun Prairie Students as the help organizations to receive all RoundUp donations. 

RoundUp participants will have each monthly bill rounded up to the next whole dollar. For example, a bill of $76.43 would be rounded to $77.00, with $.57 as a donation to the RoundUp program. These small tax deductible donations will be used to help meet some of the critical needs within our community. A few cents each month may not seem like much to you, but these few cents each month across the whole city could amount to a lot of help for those in need in Sun Prairie.

If you choose to participate, your maximum yearly donation could be $11.88, with an average yearly donation of around $6.00. Sun Prairie Utilities has two requirements to participate: 1) sign and return the
RoundUp form and 2) pay your bill each month. Once you sign up, we will RoundUp every monthly bill until we are notified by you to stop. We will mail a statement every January reflecting your previous year tax deductible RoundUp donations.

The Sun Prairie Emergency Food Pantry serves an ever increasing number of families. In 2016, 5,790 families (21,000 people) utilized the Food Pantry. The Food Pantry relies totally on community generosity to assist those in need of the service. Sun Prairie Utilities hopes to support the Food Pantry with RoundUp as long as there is a need.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease. This year alone, over 565,000 Americans are expected to die from cancer. That is over 1,500 every day. Each of us need not look very far to see the pain and suffering and breadth of cancer. People we know: family, friends, coworkers, ourselves. Sun Prairie Utilities lost our Director of Finance to cancer in 2007. In Rachael Sahr’s memory, Sun Prairie Utilities participates in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Sun Prairie. We support the ACS in hopes of someday finding a cure for this terrible disease.

Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition (SPARC) Hunger Hero for Sun Prairie Students is an initiative to help pay for school lunches for students of families who cannot afford to. SPARC is about building community and working together on issues that matter to all of us, believing that civic engagement matters and local action works!  

The Sun Prairie community has always been gracious and generous. Please consider participating in our RoundUp Program to help meet some of the critical needs in our community.