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Over 100 years ago, the forefathers of Sun Prairie realized the importance of local control for the upstart utility services. In 1910, the Sun Prairie electric and water utilities were born. Today, Sun Prairie Utilities continues on in the plight of public power. Local ownership, local control, and not-for-profit organization produce responsive, reliable, and competitively priced utility services with Sun Prairie Utilities.

Local control means decisions and policies will be made for the benefit of Sun Prairie Utilities rate payers. Local ownership means we are operating for the benefit of Sun Prairie Utilities rate payers and not for stockholders. Not-for-profit means any earnings are placed back into the community with cost controls and competitive rates, and not into the pockets of stockholders who may not even live in Sun Prairie.

Sun Prairie Utilities is here to serve the needs of the Sun Prairie community. Many of our employees are residents and neighbors in Sun Prairie. Many of our employees are community volunteers and participate in civic, youth, or church organizations. We believe Sun Prairie is a great place to live and work, and Sun Prairie Utilities is proud to be a contributing member of this great community.