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Home Energy Suite

The Home Energy Suite is an online self-help tool for you to use to try to identify where your energy costs are. It also provides many low-cost and no-cost ideas to help you use energy more efficiently within your home. Click here to start.

Within the Home Energy Suite are numerous household calculators that you can use to determine how your home appliances and electronics relate to your bill. There is a whole home energy calculator that looks at major appliances, heating, and construction of your home. There are energy reference calculators specific to appliances, lighting, and televisions. There is also a home energy library that provides great energy information and tips. The Kids Korner and Interactive Home are fun learning tools for all ages. Check it out!

More energy savings and efficiency tips for the home.


Focus On Energy

Sun Prairie Utilities has partnered with the statewide energy efficiency program Focus on Energy to allow Sun Prairie residents and businesses to take advantage of the many resources and incentive that Focus on Energy offers.

Focus on Energy provides Cash-back rewards and grants for eligible Wisconsin residents and businesses to install renewable energy systems, such as solar hot water, solar electric and wind. Cash-back rewards typically cover 20 % - 25% of the installed cost of the system, making renewable energy systems more affordable.

Before moving forward with any renewable energy project, Focus on Energy recommends having a certified site assessment done on your home or property. A statewide network of certified site assessors is available to answer questions about the technologies and will provide you with unbiased, site-specific information on the renewable energy potential at your site.

To find out more, visit Wisconsin Focus on Energy or call (800) 762-7077.


Renewable Energy

It’s just $3 more. That’s all it costs to power up a portion of your home with a block of renewable energy—clean, affordable, “never running out” power from natural resources like wind, solar and biogas. And the more renewable energy we use, the less coal, oil and natural gas we’ll burn, which can have a dramatic effect on the air we breathe.

Spending $3 more for a block of renewable energy can keep a lot of destructive carbon dioxide emissions out of the air. In fact, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, using just one $3 block each month for a year is like not driving your car for six months. And it only takes two or three blocks to run the average home every month. It adds up to a smaller carbon footprint for you, and a greener world for your kids . . . and your kids’ kids. All for an extra $3.

Of course, renewable energy isn’t just good for the planet. It can also help control our community’s energy costs over the long haul. The money you spend on renewable energy gets reinvested in new, energy-efficient alternatives that will help control energy costs in the future. And because it is produced in the Midwest, renewable energy can increase our energy independence.

Visit our Green Power Calculator and learn how the purchase of blocks of renewable energy is equivalent to tons of aluminum recycled, tons of newspaper recycled, tons of glass recycled, barrels of oil not used, tons of coal not used, acres of forest planted and months of not driving a car.

Our Renewable Energy Program is Green-e Energy certified. Green-e Energy was established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions to provide information and an objective standard for consumers to compare renewable energy options, and to verify that consumers get what they pay for.

Price, Terms and Conditions

Sign up today

Joining is easy, give us a call today or simply fill out the Green Power Request to participate. There is no special equipment to install, and no change in the way you receive or use energy. You can start (or stop) your participation at any time, and you can use as many blocks of green power as you like.



Solar Projects:

Sun Prairie Utilities has provided a grant for a solar panel project positioned on the roof of the Sun Prairie High School. The fixed array of panels totaling 5.4 kw DC, has generated to date over 49,300 kilowatt hours. See real-time monitoring of the panels.