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Residential electric costs in Sun Prairie are lower than those charged by many investor-owned utilities in Wisconsin. Because community-owned utilities do not operate to make a profit, you pay only for the cost of service. This requirement is what allows Sun Prairie Utilities to provide highly competitive electric rates.


Bill Comparison

Interested in viewing how your electric bill compares to other residential utilities? Visit the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to enter your electric residential bill comparison report criteria to calculate your results.


Rate Tariffs

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin provides information concerning Sun Prairie Utilities rate tariffs. To view a PDF version of the rate tariff, please click here. The rate tariff is also kept on file at the PSC of Wisconsin.

Residential Optional Time of Day (RG2): Residential customers have the option to apply for Time of Day rate option. This structure defines a peak time period for on-peak at which all consumption used is charged a higher cost than regular Resdential (RG1). Likewise all consumption not used on-peak is considered off-peak and all off-peak consumption is charged a lower cost than RG1. The on peak period is defined as Monday- Friday between either 7am-7pm, or 8am-8pm, or 9am-9pm, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

The current regular RG1 rate is $.1005 per kwh. The current RG2 rates are $.1760 per kwh on-peak and $.0560 per kwh off-peak. At these rates, if your household can move 67% ot total usage  (or more) to the off-peak period then RG2 would be  a more beneficial rate.

RG2 rates require a 12 month commitment and so it is imperative that a household can move at least 67% of total monthly consumption to the off-peak period. If not, they would be paying more premium on-peak costs and would be paying in total more than on the regular RG1 rate.


Power Cost Adjustment Clause (PCAC) 

This is a variable component of our rates as approved by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC). The Power Cost Adjustment Clause (PCAC) is a monthly pricing adjustment comparing actual purchased power costs to allocated costs as approved by the PSC. If actual costs are greater than the allocated, the result is an additional per-kilowatt hour charge on your bill. If actual costs are less than allocated, the result is a per-kilowatt hour credit on your bill. The PCAC assures you are only paying the actual costs associated with your actual consumption.