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Sun Prairie Utilities is a locally owned not-for-profit municipal electric utility. We provide electric service throughout the city limits of Sun Prairie. Local ownership provides for local control by citizen representation within our governing body, the Sun Prairie Utilities Commission.

Local control means decisions and policies will be made for the benefit of Sun Prairie Utilities rate payers. Local ownership means we are operating for the benefit of Sun Prairie Utilities rate payers and not for stockholders. Not-for-profit means any earnings are placed back into the community with cost controls and competitive rates, and not into the pockets of stockholders who may not even live in Sun Prairie.

Sun Prairie Utilities is a member owner of WPPI Energy, Inc., our power provider. We are one of a group of 51 municipal electric utilities in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa. By pooling together resources, local public power utilities (like ours) gain the economies of scale needed to be efficient in today’s marketplace. Together, we purchase low-cost electricity for our communities and take advantage of the latest technologies to better serve customer needs. This collaborative approach results in substantial savings for our community. WPPI Energy also provides industry leadership and business-related services that allow us to concentrate on operating efficiently and providing high-quality electric service to our customers. View the current WPPI Energy Power Report

Click here for current projects. With public power, the good we do stays right here in Sun Prairie.