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Fiber Optics

Sun Prairie Utilities is a locally owned municipal electric and water utility. In 1998, SPU constructed a fiber optic ring around much of the city to provide communications for both the City of Sun Prairie and the Sun Prairie Area School District. Over the years, several dozen businesses purchased connection to the fiber ring. In 2015, the Sun Prairie City Council approved an SPU fiber-to-the-home fiber optic overlay for the city.

In 2016, a pilot fiber optic internet overlay project was built out and operated in the Smith’s Crossing neighborhood. Experiencing over 50% take rate, the City Council approved a plan to build out the entire city over 5-8 years. The overall cost was estimated at over $30 million.

Late in 2016, TDS approached the Utilities Commission with a purchase/ partnership proposal. The proposal essentially was to purchase the existing SPU fiber network, and to build out the entire city fiber-to-the-home in 24-30 months. After months of exploration and discussion, the Utilities Commission forwarded a resolution to City Council to sell the fiber optic assets to TDS. On April 11, City Council approved the sale to TDS.

TDS purchased the SPU fiber assets May 8, 2017. As of May 8, TDS would operate and administer the former SPU fiber network essentially as is, with the same bandwidth and pricing that was in place. TDS will continue the SPU vision of a fiber connected community and will complete the build out within 30 months, and at no cost or risk to SPU ratepayers or Sun Prairie taxpayers. TDS will also offer TDS TV and phone products to those desiring those services. To learn more of the TDS project and to register for fiber optics to your home, go to

The city of Sun Prairie residents have  two additional internet providers available to them, Charter Spectrum and Frontier.