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Value of Public Power

Local needs are considered when decisions are made about rates and services, power generation and green alternatives.

Like local payments made in lieu of taxes help lower everyone’s tax burden and our utility revenues get reinvested in programs and services that best suit local values and needs.

We invest in clean energy alternatives and renewable resources like solar, wind and biogas.

We offer energy-saving programs, education, online tools and even cash incentives to help businesses and residents use energy smartly.

Like local pride that raises a commitment to energy efficiency, which can lower everyone’s monthly bill. Sun Prairie Utilities’ homes and businesses run on electricity we provide as a not-for-profit, locally owned utility. That means the community has more control, so all the benefits provided by Sun Prairie Utilities—including affordable energy costs, energy-saving programs, better service, and a focus on local goals—stay in Sun Prairie.

With public power, the good we do stays right here in Sun Prairie. Because we’re here. For you. Learn more at

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013