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Sun Prairie Utilities would like to inform its customers that SPU is changing the online customer portal on March 5, 2019. Customers will need to register their accounts through the new portal to gain access to their account for viewing bills, monitoring usage data, and making payments.


We are excited to upgrade to a new customer portal, My Account, for customers to manage their SPU account and conduct business with the utility. My Account will allow customers to view and compare their usage, set alerts, and view and pay their SPU bill online.


SPU is converting over completely to the My Account portal exclusively on March 5, 2019. All previous online credentials for the existing web access will no longer be active. Any attempt with them will direct the online customer to register with My Account.  The My Account portal is available now for customers to register an SPU account online in advance of the March 5th conversion. The current online payment option will cease to operate March 5th and all online payments will need to go through My Account.


SPU has opened up the My Account portal for our customers to have time to register their account for online access. We know this transition is a one-time minor inconvenience, but we believe the improved navigation and account management tools offered through My Account are long-awaited by our customers and far outweigh the slight inconvenience to have them register again.


We don’t want any of our customers to experience any anxiety to make a timely payment before a due date. We want them all to have ample time to register their account before the March 5th conversion to minimize any issues in making their online payment.


SPU directs all customers to the website  MYACCOUNT.SUNPRAIRIEUTILITIES.COM to register their account TODAY and in advance of the March 5th date. Customers will need to know their SPU account number and the exact name spelling on their SPU bill to register. The online payment option will be available effective March 5th and so online payment methods can be created after that date.


We want as many customers as we can to register their SPU account through My Account in advance of the March 5th conversion. If a customer needs assistance with this process they should contact our business office at 837-5500. We want this to be as seamless for our customers as possible.  We are excited to get our customers the information that they want and need to manage their household or business at their fingertips and whenever they want it.

Posted on Friday, Feb 08, 2019