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Payment Options

Sun Prairie Utilities offers several methods for you to pay your Sun Prairie Utilities bill.



We maintain a local office right on Main Street at 125 West Main. Normal business hours are 8:00 am-4:30pm Monday through Friday. We offer walk-in assistance, or, a drive-up window for your convenience. For payments outside of business hours, we provide a night deposit box adjacent to our Main Street office door, and next to our drive-up window. We accept cash, moneyorder, or bank checks at our office.



Register your account and enable online viewing and payment options. Login to your account for account information and payment options available to you 24-hours a day.

Sign up for e-Bill notifications. An e-mail message will be sent instead of a mailed paper bill. Your e-Bill message will contain links to view your bill and to make payments online.


By Phone

You may pay your utility bill by using your bank check or credit card by calling 1-877-885-7968. Our third party provider, Payment Service Network, is available whenever you are ready, 24-hours a day; just follow the phone prompts to process your payment. Please allow up to 48-hours to process and post this payment method.


Pre-Authorized Deduction from Bank Account

This convenient payment enrollment allows you to register your Sun Prairie Utilities account with a designated bank checking account one time, Then your monthly billed amount will automatically be deducted from your bank on the bill due date. No more check to write, no late fees, no mail service required, or no late notices received. Easy to sign up, easy to cancel. Download the Enrollment Form and return it to us as directed. For more information, to sign up for this convenient service, or to change your bank account information, please stop by our office or call us at 837-5500.


Budget Billing

Many of us have higher electric bills during the summer and winter months and lower bills during the spring and fall. These unknown fluctuations can make household budgeting difficult, if not impossible. If this sounds familiar to you, then budget billing might be good for you.

With our budget billing program we try to even out your energy costs over the course of a year. We will estimate what your future costs will be and then require a fixed payment every month. This fixed payment will make your household budgeting a little easier; knowing what amount your utility bill will be. Customers on budget billing who fail to make any one monthly payment will be removed from the budget billing program until the next budget year begins. Our budget year runs August to June, July is a true-up month with everyone off of budget.

If you have questions, or wish to enroll in Sun Prairie Utilities budget billing program, contact our office at 837-5500 or click here to send an electronic request.